Requesting a berth

Milford Marina operates a wait list for each size of berth at the marina.

A pier – 13m
B and C piers – 11.5m-12m
D pier – 10m
E, F and H piers – 8.5m
G pier – 7.5m
I pier – 12m-14m

The amount of time it will take for a berth to come up is difficult to predict as we do not know the individual future plans of each berth holder. It will also depend on how many other are already on the wait list in front of you. These factors will vary from time to time.

To get on the wait list, complete and digitally sign the online wait list form – to submit the form you will be required to supply some recent pictures of your boat, and the insurance certificate of currency of your boat which needs to include $3m+ of third party liability cover. The pictures allow marina management to assess the condition of your boat, as only sea worthy boats will be accepted on to the wait list. Ideally include topside and below the water shots from the most recent haulout. If you have a recent survey that would be useful too.

This information will be presented at a monthly marina management committee meeting for review and you will be advised of the outcome.

If your wait list application is approved, the next step is for you to make the one-time payment of $300 + GST which is a joining fee to Milford Mariners Incorporated Society – you will be notified of bank details on successful application.

Once you are at the top of the wait list for the size of berth you selected and a berth comes up you will be contacted and offered the berth.

Once accepted a berth assignment fee is levied (see for more information) and an annual invoice for berth fees is raised. A Berth License will be completed and signed by both parties and then the berth is officially assigned to you for your personal use.