Berth Transfer

All berths at Milford Marina are assigned to berth holders by the management committee of Milford Mariners Inc. A Berth Transfer occurs when a berth holder selling a boat is also relinquishing the berth and the purchaser of the boat wishes to take over the berth. At their discretion, the management committee will consider a berth transfer when the following conditions have been met:

1. existing berth holder (seller) advises MMI in writing that;

a. they have sold their boat
b. the date of sale
c. the name/email/mobile of the purchaser
d. they are relinquishing the berth assigned to them

2. existing berth holder has made payment for all outstanding berth fees up to the date of sale
3. purchaser has completed and returned the wait list form and made payment for the joining fee and the berth assignment fee (see for more information)
4. purchaser supplies insurance on the boat in their name with $3m+ of third-party liability
5. the boat involved must be (in the opinion of the management committee) in sound condition and suitable for berthing at Milford Marina
6. should the existing berth not be of the correct size for the vessel, MMI may decide to allow the berth transfer but assign a more suitable berth, either immediately or as one becomes available
7. Berth transfers are provisional for the first year. Should the boat that the berth transfer was transacted on vacate the berth then the berth license is also surrendered and the berth will be offered to the next person on the wait list.